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Dianna Haught
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Freelance Indexer and Proofreader
I offer quality, professional back of book indexes, embedded indexes, and proofreading to meet your deadline and budget.

Indexes make good books into great books. They function as maps to the book, guiding the readers to where they want to be. Indexes increase marketability of books, as libraries and bookstores won't shelve non-fiction books without an index. Let me create your index.

Indexing is a unique form of writing which requires a specialist- a person with knowledge not only of indexing itself but of the subject of the book. Authors know their book better than anyone else but are very seldom trained in the rules of indexing. Let me create your index for you.

I have been indexing for ten years in the fields of textbooks, history, social studies, psychology, language arts, biographies, fiber arts and crafts, nature studies, English language studies, multicultural education and early childhood education. Although the majority of my work has been textbooks, I also have experience with scholarly and trade texts.
New! I am now offering indexes embedded in Word!
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